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Purchased your first Memory Foam Mattress? Had a wonderful time sleeping for the first few days but now it feels hot? Yes, this is the general problem of a memory foam mattress that most of the users complain of.

Why does it feel to scorching after utilizing memory foam mattress for the first few days?


A memory foam mattress is well made, and along with distributing pressure points evenly, it is known to absorb and retain heat from the body. As an outcome of absorbing the heat, the person feels cool while sleeping on it and it can regulate and use the stored heat in cooler temperatures. But as the mattress gets older more and more heat gets retained in the mattress. As an outcome it becomes warm, not being in a position to regulate temperatures judiciously. As an outcome, the individual lying on it feels that the mattress is warm and not so comfortable.

Ways must be implemented to make the mattress cooler and comfy.

There are four basic ways to make your mattress cooler. They are:

one. Choose suitable bed sheets

Choosing the right kind and fabric for your introduction to improved back support with Amerisleep is an important factor in making your mattress cooler. Cotton is a very soft and comfortable material, and is mostly recommended in the present. The approximate thread count of 200 to 800 is also useful as it will permit the physique to breathe and the air to circulate. Sateen and other cotton blends can also be used. We recommend that you steer clear of synthetic materials as they have to interlock of threads and this does not allow the body cells to breath freely and as an outcome gives a warm and sticky feeling. Bamboo can also be considered along with Egyptian cotton, but they are stored as secondary choices.

two. Correct Mattress Cover

A correct mattress cover is also a must to make the mattress cooler. Use of cotton and other soft and durable supplies have acquired a lot of significance over the years. For a proper mattress cover, the materials should also be to absorb the moisture in the type of sweat along with the temperature from the body but remain dry itself as well. This acts as a barrier between your physique and the mattress and thus does not permit you to feel warm due to the warm mattress.

three. Use a Mattress Topper

A Mattress Topper is the newest inclusion in this checklist. These days a lot of people are utilizing mattress toppers conveniently. They are two to ten inches in width and is available in many different supplies. They are primarily constructed to make the mattress cooler and improve its lifestyle and make it even tougher. You can feel cooler on this along with the comfort of your mattress. General these mattress toppers enhance your high quality of rest and give you more comfort all through the night.

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